With over 5 acres of grounds our garden is a special place to explore

Our garden is a very special place. The top half of the property has fabulous views over Mirissa fishing harbour and Weligama bay. It makes it a great place to meditate or to exercise. If you look carefully you can find a coffee bush, Kaffir lime, curry bush, mango, cashew and Jackfruit trees.  In the early morning and late afternoon monkeys come to play and peacocks to dance. If you look closely in the ponds, you will see small fish and tadpoles, and maybe even a turtle, a water monitor or a small snake.

Around evening, fruit bats start to fly.  They look just like batman flying overhead, but are perfectly harmless. At night the garden wakes up, with frogs making such a racket down by the pond that it’s hard to hear yourself think. Any of our gardeners would be happy to show you around.

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